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Welcome to my captivating world of photography. My goal is to craft images that radiate authenticity and preserve LOVE. Through my lens I capture the beauty of everyday life in its purest form. I'm Mia, a Windy City based natural light photographer, I spend my evenings chasing sun flares with the most loving couples and families in front of my camera. Book your session with me and together we will craft photos that you will look back on  20 years from now and remember exactly how the moment felt.


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Hey there, I'm Mia, a  student at Loyola University Chicag0. My goal is to capture the beauty of life through my lens. As a dedicated student, nanny, and Mayor's Youth Commissioner for the Department of Public Health, I've learned to see the world through different eyes—ones filled with wonder, compassion, and a deep appreciation for the little moments that make life so special.

But perhaps my greatest inspiration comes from being a big sister to three incredible siblings. They're my muses, my cheerleaders, and my constant reminder to embrace every moment with open arms.

Eight years ago, when my youngest sister was born, I discovered the magic of photography. With a camera in hand, I began to freeze moments in time, capturing the fleeting beauty of newborn smiles, childhood adventures, and the bonds that tie us together.

As my sister grew, I decided to turn my passion into a craft when I began Mia Colone Photo LLC in Oct 2019.

So, welcome to my page —a space where each frame tells a story, supports a dream, and reflects the luminous spirit of life itself. Join me on this adventure as we explore the beauty of existence, one snapshot at a time.

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Documenting the moments in between

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"natural and gorgeous family photos"

-Julia & connor

Mia did an amazing job with our little family! We took pictures with our son being just 2 weeks old and she captured our family and home beautifully while being understanding of newborn antics. I highly recommend booking her when you need natural and gorgeous family photos.

Capturing Irreplaceable Moments Photography is my medium, but my purpose runs much deeper. As an aspiring nurse, I embarked on a path to care for others, but I soon realized the immense  value of preserving love and life's treasured memories.
A Missing Piece of Childhood Growing up, my family was devoid of its own collection of photographs. We lacked the tangible memories that remind us of where we've been and how we've grown. This absence left a sense of  nostalgia for moments that slipped through our  fingers. It was a realization that led me to begin my journey not only to fill our photo albums with memories, but to help other's fill theirs.
The Catalyst: My Little Sister My journey took a significant turn when I became a photographer with purpose. My little sister, the embodiment of innocence and wonder, inspired me to pick up the camera. I wanted to document her childhood, to create a visual narrative that she could cherish in the future. Photography became the bridge connecting to my own childhood with the promise of preserving hers.


"I believe in the importance of capturing moments and preserving memories. my philosophy is deeply personal and springs from a journey of empathy and the desire to create lasting legacies."

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 Associate photographer

Welcome to our team! At the heart of my photography venture, you'll find Gia, my incredibly talented associate photographer and cherished cousin. With her distinct editorial vibe and a keen eye for capturing the essence of every moment, Gia brings a unique perspective to our team.

About Gia:

Gia's journey into photography began with a fascination for the world's intricacies and an insatiable curiosity for storytelling through imagery. With a background steeped in visual arts and a passion for editorial photography, Gia's approach is characterized by her ability to infuse every frame with a sense of narrative and style.

The Editorial Edge:

What sets Gia apart is her innate ability to imbue her photographs with a sophisticated editorial flair. While her style complements ours seamlessly, Gia brings a distinct perspective that leans towards the editorial side of photography. Her keen attention to detail, coupled with her knack for capturing candid moments in a polished and refined manner, adds a unique dimension to our portfolio.

Why Gia Shines:

Gia's editorial approach is evident in the way she seamlessly blends artistry with storytelling. Her photographs not only capture the beauty of the moment but also convey a sense of narrative and emotion. Whether she's photographing a fashion editorial, a corporate event, or a family portrait session, Gia's images exude a timeless elegance that is both captivating and compelling.

Why We're Proud to Have Gia on Our Team:

Gia's editorial vibe adds depth and versatility to our team's portfolio. Her ability to infuse every photograph with a sense of narrative and style elevates our work, allowing us to offer our clients a diverse range of photography services. From capturing the glamour of a high-fashion shoot to documenting the intimate moments of a wedding day, Gia's editorial sensibility brings a fresh perspective to our team.

MEET the team

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Lets celebrate life through the lens. We'll not only fill your photo albums with images, but with love, laughter, and stories that will be cherished for generations to come.

Shortly after you submit an inquiry you will receive a personal email from me with my client guide and everything you need to know before booking. I will make sure you have a seamless process from start to finish. 

I offer a variety of packages and custom solutions allowing you to book a session that best fit your needs, budget, and most importantly enjoy an experience that exceeds your expectations.

the detials

my craft, your story.

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Natural light
natural connection
natural beauty

Real LOVE.


lifestyle | Newborn

Maternity | standard

couples | Standard

portraits | Standard

cake smash | milestone

Proposal | engagement

Up to one hour of shooting
15 full resolution edited images
Immediate family members and pets
Up to three outfit changes for baby
$50.00 studio fee if needed







Inclusive | Family

Up to one hour of shooting
50+ full resolution edited images
Immediate family members and pets
Up to two outfit changes
$50.00 studio fee if needed
Five 8x10 prints

Up to 45 minutes of shooting
30 full resolution edited images
Up to three outfit changes
$50.00 studio fee if needed
*Book with a newborn session to save 50%*

Up to 45 minutes of shooting
20 full resolution edited images
Optional second location
Optional outfit change
$50.00 studio fee if needed

 Up to 45 minutes of shooting
15 full resolution edited images
One individual
Up to 3 outfit changes
$50.00 studio fee if needed
*Ideal for seniors, branding, headshots*

 Up to one hour of shooting
25 full resolution edited images
One individual (child)
Up to 3 outfit changes
$50.00 studio fee if needed
Personalized in-home setup provided
Client provides cake and stand

 Up to one hour of shooting
50+ full resolution edited images
Full proposal coverage following complimentary engagement portraits after
Optional outfit change
Assistance with planning/setup if needed
*Complimentary engagement session may be scheduled at your convenience*


Up to 30 minutes of shooting
15 full resolution edited images 
Immediate family members
$50.00 studio fee if needed 

intro | Family


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"Hi Mia, the photos are so beautiful! Thank you so much. I will definitely book again."

client reviews


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Oh my goodness, we’re so in love with these photos!! You did an incredible job. These will be cherished for our whole lives, that’s pretty neat to think about! Thank you for freezing this moment in time and capturing our family so beautifully. Also thank you so much for generously providing so many additional photos! We love them all!!

client reviews

Shelly p.

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"Hi Mia! We LOVE these! Thank you so much!"

client reviews

kim g.

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The earliest morning spot, and the latest evening spot will be the absolute best for lighting (assuming it is a sunny day). In the event of an overcast day, please allow a few hours of buffer for your session, as times may need to be adjusted day of, 30-60 minutes forward or backward. Your flexibility on the day of your session is greatly appreciated. In the Fall, morning sessions will be the coldest, please keep this in mind.


when should we book?

I'll get in touch a couple of days before the shoot (after consulting the weather forecast) and if it looks like rain we will reschedule. No specific weather is guaranteed, we are human beings and
unfortunately cannot predict the weather, the colors of the leaves, or anything of the sort.


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It's great if you can bring along a stroller. We will do a lot of walking. Your child’s favorite toy
– anything that you enjoy doing together as a family. Snacks and water are also a good idea to boost your
child's energy levels.

What should we bring?

Just get in contact and we'll find a suitable date. Then, you will receive a personalized booking link with your contract, invoice, and client questionnaire. Once that has all been completed, your date is locked in and held!


With every session, your contract will have the option to give me permission to use your photos
or not. It’s that easy! I respect your privacy.

will you post our photos?

Turn around time for finished galleries is 1-4 weeks from the session. You will be able to select
your favorite images from the proofing gallery to receive in full res, or upgrade to the full gallery.
If you book Collection Three you will receive all edited images captured.

When will we get our photos?

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Thank you! 

We will be in touch with you shortly!


Your moments are special -let's connect and capture them! If you have any special requests please make sure to include them with this message. Myself or my associate will respond to your inquiry within 24hrs.

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